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Here is the link to Sierra's Pro-Pilot's site. I currently have I think that Pro-Pilot is one of the best non-Microsoft flight simulators available.

Click here to go to the Pro-Pilot website.

This is a scene from It was voted by PC Gamer Magazine as the Best Helicopter Simulation of 1996. I have the game and agree with the vote. Click here to go to the website of Jane's Combat Simulations.

is a great game. What else can I say? Click here to go to it's website.

Click here to visit the web site of everyone's favorite cubicle dweller, Dilbert.

Click here to visit the webpage of the phenomenon known as .

Click here to visit the United States Air Force's commercial website. (sorry, no UFO's, that's in the private website). It differs from the Air Force Link site found in the Sci-tech links page mainly in content. This page is aimed at the public and recruiting enlistees more than the other page. That is why it is filed under this page. But I would reccomend going to this site because it features a lot of great stuff about airplanes and the AF.

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