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Here they are, the Popular Science 1999 50 best Sci-tech sites on the World Wide Web.* If you go to each of these sites, your IQ will increase by 10 points (Just kidding, but they are informative, interesting, incredible, and in some cases, fun.)

*Edited for length and clarity

Visual Science

Dr. Kunkel's Microscopy - You haven't seen a garden spider or mosquito until you see one illuminated and hued like his!

The Digital First 9 Months - Follow the development and birth of Emma Katherine Moore, born this January, with these vivid words and pictures.

Cells Alive! - One of the best sites on the net for stunning microscopic pictures of everything invisible to the human eye.

Anatomist project - Cyber-dissection of a human body.

Hurricane Hunters - Fly into the eye of the storm with the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, the Hurricane Hunters of the Air Force Reserve.

Science Learning

American Museum of Natural History - Tour the Museum from the comfort of your own home PC.

The Exploratorium - Science Education for Kids!

For Kids Only: Earth Science Enterprise - This the the NASA site that is just for kids.

Cool Science for Curious Kids -self explanitory

Kinetic City Cyber Club - 4 cartoon kids and a computer travel the world solving science related mysterys, follow along!

Inventions & Labs

Inventure Place - The online home of the National Inventors Hall of Fame. The stuff of legends are enshrined there.

National Labs - The online home of Argonne, Brookhaven, Los Alamos, Lawrence Livermore, and Sandia National Laboratories.

US Patent and Tradmark Office - Get you patent info here.

Intellectual Property Network - See patent applications from around the world. And check out the Gallery of Obscure Patents.

Microsoft Research - Get a taste of software that's to come.

News and Answers

The Why Files - the science behind everyday headlines.

Nova Online - The Comprehensive companion to the PBS documentry series.

MarsNews - All the news about , well, Mars.

The Mad Scientist Network - You got questions? They've got answers.

Science Daily - Science that doesn't make the front page, (or any page at all).

The Universe

NASA's Human Space flight page has all the information of human spaceflight, i.e. the International Space Station and the Space Shuttle, a lot of information on past NASA programs, and coming soon is the Mars Exploration page. You can also link to NASA TV from here.

Solar System Simulator - This site creates a color rendering of whatever planet or a satellite you want, from any other planet or satellite.

The StarTrails Society - This is a NASA program to get amateur scientists (i.e. You and me) involved in research projects in space sciences. Really good for students and educators.

Observation of the week - Fascinating pictures that are updated every week, you won't want to miss this.

Nine planets - loads of info about the planets and their moons.

Earth & Environment

Earth Observatory - Do some mouse-on experiments in earth science.

Glacier - A whole bunch of information about Antarctica.

National Geographic - This site brings the content of the magazine, the TV show, and more on the web.

Volcano World - The web's premiere source of Volcano Info.

Terraserver - This astonishing site by Microsoft has over 999 gigabytes (or enough to fill 2000 books 500 pages thick) of aerial and satellite pictures of the earth, simply type in the destination or click on it, and you have a bird's eye view along with a map. You might even see your house or workplace from the pictures!!

Health & Medicine

InteliHealth - topical health information from John Hopkins.

Mayo Clinic Health Oasis -In depth information and features on diverse topics.

Dissections of the Real Brain - A little on the clinical side, but there are enough pictures of the brain to make you sick. - Former top doctor C. Everett Koop and his advise on health.

TransWeb - Information on transplants

High Technology

CNET - The computer network, all the advice that you'd ever needed, the best prices, and the best downloads are all here!

How Stuff Works - Down to earth explanations of how high-tech stuff works. - Tens of thousands of songs are available for you to download to be played on your PC or your MP3 player.

ETown - News and reviews of audio/visual equipment. a buff's delight.

World Opponent Network - Gaming got your tongue? (or your PC?) Well head on over to the WON for free online gaming to feed your addiction.

Moving Science

Inner Auto - An online peek under the hood, you get to learn about how parts of your car (the anti-lock brakes, for example) work.

Historic Wings - From the dawn of aviation to the high-tech warbirds of today (See my guide to USAF aircraft). Historic Wings gives the insight and the pictures that any aviation buff would love.

Innovative Transportation Technologies - See what the future holds for transportation technology.

The Art of the Motorcycle - the history of two wheeled motorized transportation. - Know the things you should know about your car.

Eclectic Science

Evidence: The True Witness - Be a detective and solve a kidnapping with your new knowledge of forensic science. A careers section is included just in case you discover a new talent.

Amusement Park Physics - Find out how your favorite rides work, and then build your own!

Conceiving a Clone - A well-rounded, non-partisan look at cloneing. (Including a Create a Clone simulation). A timely topic!

Sandlot Science - The science of optical illusions.

SETI @ Home - If you believe in aliens, you can try to help the guys at SETI (the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence). by installing a small software that kicks in when your screen-saver does to interpret data from a radio telescope in Puerto Rico as it scans the heavens.